“You don’t need it!”

“Are you crazy?”

“You look so young!”

Expressing my desire to try botox generally brought out such a response. Another from the nay-sayers, and perhaps my favorite, was the classic “But you don’t have wrinkles!”

My response: “Exactly, and I don’t want them!”

The truth is I’ve seen the fine lines developing horizontally across my forehead and vertically between my eyes since my early twenties: as a very near-sighted avid reader, my brow is constantly furrowed. Couple that with my rather expressive manner of speaking (at the acting studio I attended they called it “forehead tension”) and the creases cross my face are easily explained.

Truly, it’s a wonder they are not worse.

Thus far, I’ve been able to conceal the evidence of my aging through the use of cosmetics, but that can only be so effective for so long.

So, why not try Botox? It’s the most widely performed procedure, completely safe when performed by a real medical doctor, and the effects are temporary–so if I hate it, I can go back to squinting and lifted brows with in a few short months.

Luckily, there was one among my companions with a more positive response to this list item:

“Let’s go together!”

This from my friend Randi, a Botox veteran and enthusiast. I believe it was she who first sparked my interest in Botox, as she is a few years my senior yet her skin is flawless.

So, Thursday afternoon we met at an Upper East Side clinic to have a lethal toxin injected into our faces with tiny needles. Afterwards, we would have tea.

I admit to a bit of nerves. I babbled quite a bit while being prepped by the aide and awaiting the doctor.

Meanwhile, a grinning Randi took pictures, proud to witness and document the event for posterity.

“You’re going to love it.”

The doctor arrived. Randi went first.

I couldn’t believe how calmly she climbed atop the table and submitted to the needles. The girl continued to carry on our conversation while getting her injections! Amazing.

Then it was my turn.

A known Botox virgin, I was allowed a bit of concession: the doctor handed me two blue stress balls to squeeze while receiving my 30 units of botulinum.

Like any shot, it stung, but was quickly over. I was then given an ice pack and told not to lie down for at least four hours.

Then we were off, to pay our (rather hefty) bill and treat ourselves to that promised afternoon tea.

A day and a half later, I still have the full mobility of my face. I’ve been doing the suggested “exercises”, drawing my brows together and lifting them up to allow the toxin to seep into the muscle.

I’ve also been taking 2 Tums tablets 4 times a day. I don’t know why: it was a tip recommended by my mother’s doctor and I figured it couldn’t hurt.

Other than a slight tenderness at the injections, there are non results yet to report.

I’m curious to see what a difference it will make and happy to have crossed at least one item off the list before May turned into June.

Twenty nine more to go!